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Fun Things for Kids to Do at Home This Summer

by OnWard PH May 22, 2021

Fun Things for Kids to Do at Home This Summer

It’s that time of the year that kiddos get to take their sweet and most awaited summer vacation. For parents, it’s also an exciting time to do extra-curricular activities with their kids outside of school modules and schedules. The new normal makes it a bit challenging for parents to think outside of the usual summer outings and beach getaways they used to do yearly. Don’t worry because here’s a list of ideas you can do with your kids at home this Summer!


Build a fort and get creative with it 

You can make use of pillows and blankets you have lying around the house to built a super fun and cozy fort for your kids to play in. You can also be as extra by adding a projector and play their favorite movie with matching fairy lights to complete the vibe.

Make a Mini Stop Motion Movie 

Release the artistic side of you and your kids. You can do a puppet show or film the progress of your origami art and make a mini stop motion movie at the end of it. A user-friendly webcam that is flexible can do a stop motion video is your best friend for this summer activity!

Set up an indoor summer getaway with an inflatable pool 
 There are a lot of inexpensive inflatable pools that are readily available for you to purchase and set up inside your house. Be sure to play fun music to complete the summer experience using a kids’ Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof so you won’t have to worry.
Install new educational apps on their gadgets 

Explore new educational apps that can be fun and beneficial to your kids. Encourage bonding between your kids by downloading multiplayer games that they can play together. Make sure to use a kids’ headphones that has a share function that let’s them connect their own to have in sync sound while they bond.






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