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Distance Learning: Tips for Parents for Online Learning Success

by OnWard PH October 08, 2020

Distance Learning Tips for Parents

As schools take on the challenge of providing education and learning opportunities at home due to the pandemic, both families and parents should be prepared to support children in their social, emotional and academic development. Here are some tips that can make distance learning a success.

Set up a learning space for your kids

Create a quiet and comfortable space for school-focused activities. Personalize it with safe ergonomic desk and chair for the convenience of your children, and include some common things that your children see in school to establish an atmosphere that motivates them to study.


Use latest and user-friendly distance learning gadgets and accessories

Use the right devices, such as comfortable earphones for online activities and zoom lessons, document cameras to monitor their activities, and portable drawing pads to practice their creativity. It will help not only children but also parents to adopt the new learning method.


Establish rules and schedules

It's important to establish the good habits and routines that your children will follow. Set up a schedule and create a checklist of what your children will do every day. Don't forget to include breaks to allow them time to absorb all the details and avoid becoming overwhelmed or frustrated. Set guidelines that will be enforced before and after school hours.


Monitor and motivate your children

Check the kids from time to time to see if they do assign tasks or activities for the day. Always ask if they need any help or clarification. Let them know that it's all right to ask questions when they have a hard time with certain topics. Motivate them to make things flow more naturally and easily.


Keep in touch with your children's teachers

Keep in contact with your children's teachers to make sure they don't miss any lessons or activities. Communicating with them will also help the parents make the new learning process easier for their children to adapt.


Encourage physical activity and exercise

Studying at home doesn't mean sitting down and doing school work for a straight amount of hours. Physical activities are important and essential to health, so make sure to allocate an hour to exercise and keep moving before they study or during breaks.

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