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Smart Home Starter Kit Simpnic


installs the dedicated app on your smartphone or tablet, register the gateway, and the gateway and the device are paired and ready to operate

Set Contents
1. Smart Hub (S1 IoT gateway)
2. Smart Plug (Smart Outlet)
3. Smart RBG LED Bulb
4. Smart IR Remote Blaster (Smart Remote Control)
5. Smart PIR Motion Detector ( Motion Sensor)
6. Contact Sensor (Open/Close Sensor)

Start your smart life.
The SiMPNiC Smart Home Starter Kit simplifies the Smart Home SiMPNiC Smart Home Starter Kit by installing a dedicated app on your smartphone or tablet, register the gateway, and the gateway and device are paired so you can operate it right away.

Easy operation
You device's apps with the SiMPNiC Smart Home Starter Kit The Gateway aggregates your devices in one app, so you can easily control each device from your smartphone or tablet screen. It connects all SiMPNiC devices and operate as the center of its eco-system. Easy to set up by LAN or Wi-Fi. Even if your home router does not work, SiMPNiC Keeper-S1 still control all connected devices and automation runs as usual. Most important of all, it does not store your data and keep your privacy.
It works seamlessly with the brain, SiMPNiC App, which supports both iOS and Android. You can set a “scene” and automation.
Google home and Amazon Alexa compatible
Voice Control SiMPNiC Smart Home Starter Kit works with AI speakers to control smart outlets, LED bulbs sold separately, and TV or air conditioning registers on Smart Remote Control

If you have this set
Smart Plug/ Smart outlet - Turn on and off the outlet; Timer function; Easy to turn on and off from a distance; Track the power usage of last 7 days
Smart Motion sensor - for peace and convenience; Adjust sensitivity and frequency according to the environment; Automatic operation with the sensor;
Smart RBG Bulb - Automatically turns on and off with the sensor. Notifies you to detect sensors to your smartphone or tablet.
Smart Remote Control - Control your TV, air conditioner and other infrared devices simultaneously via a smart remote control. Of course you can also use the learning function to concentrate remote controls on your home appliances using infrared remote controls, such as fans and humidifiers.

Usage Scenes
Gateway: Smart home and devices that connect with apps / Smart open/close sensor: Open and close sensor notifies you of your front door or window with a motion sensor and can also be used as a motion sensor. Motion sensor: Detects motion and notifies people and controls movement detection of other devices, Smart Remote Control: Control infrared remote control such as TV and air conditioner in your room.Compatible with various infrared remote control appliances in learning mode

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