SimpNic Best UV Light Sterilizer Box | Portable 2 in 1- Durable and Affordable, with Rechargeable Battery - OnWard PH

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SiMP UV-C Sterilizer Box

  • SiMP UV-C Sterilizer Box can sanitize items such as, face mask, blue-tooth ear pod, watch, key, jewelry into the sterilizer box, and also can be portable to sanitize clothe or blanket by holding in hand. Adopted ultraviolet (UV-C*) LED, which has been scientifically recognized for sterilization effect. The sterilization ability has been confirmed by a third-party organization**.

  • Battery: 18650, 1,500 mAh (rechargeable lithium battery)

    Power: 2W max.

    Input: 5VDC / 1A (Micro-USB)

    UV wavelength: 253.7mm

    Workingtemperature: 0℃~ 45℃

    Dimension: 20 x 9 x 4.65cm

    Weight: 190g
  • 1 x SiMP UV-C Sterilizer Box