Revel W553L | Specialty In-Wall Loudspeaker - OnWard PH

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  • A dual 5" specialty in-wall LCR loudspeaker.
  • Long-throw woofers with cast frames and rubber surrounds provide high output with low distortion

    1-inch (25mm) angle-adjustable, metal-dome tweeter with an integrated waveguide provides optimized response both on and off axis

    High-order crossover network with premium-quality components delivers extraordinarily accurate timbre reproduction

    Boundary compensation switch (W893/W873/W783/W763) lets you adjust the speaker to maintain tonal accuracy when the speaker is placed near an additional wall or the ceiling

    Three-position tweeter level control (W893/W873/W783/W763/W583/W563/W553L) lets you adjust for optimum response in a variety of acoustical environments, or for using the speakers without grilles